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About Us

Rad Talks is a conference where innovative thinkers and influential doers come together to share bright ideas about Islam & Muslims. It is a place to network with leaders, inspire innovation, and spark collaboration through 10-minute lightning talks and fishbowl group discussions.

Lightning talks are 10-minute talks in rapid succession in which interesting and important ideas are shared. The audience is thereby exposed to a wide variety of ideas from a diverse set of speakers in a short amount of time. You can watch videos of lightning talks from past conferences.

Fishbowl group discussions allow the entire audience to engage in a conversation about pertinent, polarizing challenges facing our community. These fishbowl group discussions are often the most exciting and engaging sessions. We don’t film them, so the only way to experience them is to attend the conference!

Why “Rad”? In Arabic, lightning talk would translate to barq talk. Nobody wants to come to a conference named Bark Talks, but the Arabic word for thunder is ra’d so we named it Rad Talks. Hey, a little 80’s nostalgia never hurt anyone…

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