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Mohamed Geraldez


Mohamed Geraldez is an American Muslim entrepreneur, motivational speaker and investor in a few companies in different industries like the first and largest vegan necktie company in the world, and – a men’s custom suit maker in New York City. He actively invests in various commercial arenas including technology with startups like, a curator of tech-related content, and is a strategic adviser to, a digital media distribution and monetization startup. Mr. Geraldez has served as an advisory board member to several entities like the Information Technology Consulting Firm, GeniusCo, and the American Muslim Consumer Conference group that hosts the most important yearly gathering that connects leading American corporations with American Muslim entrepreneurs, companies, businessmen/women and investors.

Mohamed was the first Executive Director for Co-Founder, Dr. Sherman Jackson‘s ALIM Program where strategies are being developed for the future of Islam in the modern world.

Currently, Mohamed is raising capital and looking for more investors to bring his newest endeavor, ReCenterFinance, to market in a meaningful way – Sharia compliant student loans.

Mohamed converted to Islam during his junior year in college. Upon graduating, he went overseas to study the Islamic sciences for nearly four years in Syria, Morocco, Mauritania and the Saharan Desert with some of the most renowned scholars of the Muslim world. After studying abroad, he returned to the U.S. to obtain his Master’s degree in business (MBA).

Mr. Geraldez was asked to present his unique personal story in the book by White Cloud Publications “All-American: 45 American Men on Being Muslim.” The book can be ordered at

Mohamed enjoys surfing, fashion, technology, basketball, business and reading Classic American Literature. He currently resides in Southern California and travels throughout the world for business and speaking engagements.

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