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Unmosqued – Muslims Unwelcome at the Mosque

| On 30, Nov 2012

Duration: 12:33
Filmed: May 26, 2012 in Houston, TX

Abu Rocky speaks about Muslims who feel unwelcome at the mosque and how to bring them back. He also talks about his latest project:

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  1. Anonymous

    I’ve been unmosqued before. Preach on, brother.

  2. Love your suggestion, developing Infrastructure to help new breed of young Muslims. We do not need more Mosques and terrible Immam’s. Your talk on developing Infrastructure is a great idea. Begging for money every time you turn around is a stupid idea. I can go on—– on. I think Every Mosque have two kinds of Muslim 1. Whose are born and raised and educated here in the States and know the process. They can walk the WALK AND talk the Talk. If these folks get involved more, they can take Islam to a next level for all Muslims. Let’s prey Allah give them the guidance to come back to the mosque to start a new concept in Islam, which are based on 1. No Double Standards 2. Honesty and respect for all. Honesty.
    Suggestion: Establish Toast-Masters (Communications skills) in you mosque and in your community. Most of Muslims despite of being here in the States have a gross communication impediment. Thanks, Vaseem

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