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Women Behind Walls at the Mosque

| On 13, Jan 2014

Duration: 11:06
Filmed: May 25, 2013 in Dallas, TX

Bint Naeem analyzes whether it’s harmful or helpful to physically separate the women’s area from the men’s area in a mosque..


  1. Hussein

    Assalam aleikum ..please could you send me the video to my e-mail address

  2. Abdullah

    On what basis can you claim that Islam gave women the right to not have a “barrier” ? It’s a practical measure which some communities choose, nothing explicitly forbidden about it.

    • Ammar

      Abdullah, this is a rather weak argument you are making. If I erect a barrier on all four sides of you while you are praying, the question is what right did I have to place the barrier around you, not what right do you have to want it removed. The fact remains that the barrier is not a practice from the Sunnah (even as ahadith evidence shows us that flawed men did look back at women) and more importantly, in our time, culture, and most matters of communal practicality, it inhibits a variety of women from learning.

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